October 04, 2015

A diva accepts herself as she is right now and strives to be even better.
She doesn't change who she is to fit someone else's idea of what she ought to be.
She reaches for her own ideal sense of whom she wants to be.
She's strong; she's courageous; she's creative.

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Do you sometimes wonder if it's possible to 'have it all'? Too often we settle for less than life is able to give us. The following seven areas when fully developed form the foundation for a great, fulfilling life. Taking action in any one of these areas can reduce your stress, increase your joy, and potentially turn your life around.

#1: Strengthen Your Relationship with SELF

A strong relationship with Self takes patience and commitment. It often starts with the question many of us ask ourselves: 'Who Am I?' Your self-relationship starts with self-knowledge and developing your inner life. Some ways to do this are by journaling, meditating, and tuning in to and acting on your intuition. Do things that bring you peace of mind and make you happy, and get to know your creative self.

#2: Honor Your Needs and Practice Self Care

It's okay to be Selfish and take time for YOU! The better care you take care of your body, environment, relationships, and spirit, the better off you'll be in life, and the less stress you'll experience. Self care is a way for you to show how deeply you care about yourself, and to experience growth in self esteem and balance. If you focus on your own well being first, you will then be in a position to care for others around you appropriately. Honor your needs by asking for what you want, and feeling and expressing your feelings fully.

#3: Face Your Fears Head On

People limit themselves because they're afraid of failure, of being rejected, of being loved, or even because they're afraid of being successful. Fear only comes up when you are taking risks and growing. You can use fear as a signal to inspire and motivate you to take more action. Pay conscious attention to your self-talk and mind chatter that inner voice which will try to talk you out of trying new behaviors. Enroll the support of others as you take on new challenges -- support is critical when you're walking a new path.

#4: Create Inspiring Environments

Increasingly we are a product of our environments. These can include our work environment, our friends, our network, and our physical environment - such as nature, home, technology, and beauty - what we surround ourselves with. It can also be the foods we keep in our house, the beautiful objects and colors around us, the books we read, and the movies we watch. Environments can reduce our stress by setting things up to get done more easily, with less effort. Success and personal development are more sustainable when there are environments and failsafe structures which support it. The goal is to design supportive environments that will inspire you to be your best and do great things. As you develop your environments, you develop yourself and your capacity to receive inspiration.

#5: Develop A Clear Vision and Worthy Goals

Most people have never defined the life they truly want. They may have a dream, but not a clear vision of what they really want for their life and work. People who write down their goals have a much better chance of succeeding at living a meaningful life that takes them in the direction they want to go. To have a life your truly want, you must write it down and describe it in detail. That means making choices and prioritizing actions. For example, if you have a goal to retire at 45, start now on a path to financial independence by making regular automatic contributions to a savings plan. Define the small steps that will take you in the direction of your goals, and then take regular action to achieve those goals.

#6: Express Your Core Values

When you are living your life in harmony with your values, you naturally have more energy. Joseph Campbell described it as 'following your bliss' - being true to your passions, interests, and what matters most to you. Clarifying what really matters to you will set you free to live life to its fullest potential. Knowing what you stand for allows you to proactively seek the people, situations and things that support those values. Clarifying your values and then living your life in harmony with those values provides you with an inner peace and tranquility that allows you to move confidently through life. Doing meaningful work that honors your values gives you a real sense of personal fulfillment and self-actualization. If you were living in alignment with the noblest part of who you are, with your deepest values, what would you do today to make a difference?

#7: Deepen Your Relationship with Community

Research has found that 85% of your happiness is determined by the quality of relationships in your life and by your ability to get along well with people. Loving relationships and a strong, caring network of friends, family, and colleagues lowers your level of stress and increases your longevity. Your ability to relate, communicate, and negotiate well will empower you to lead a fulfilling life; as will giving your gifts and talents in the service of others is one of the key things that bring meaning to our lives.

A meaningful life starts with taking small steps every day. You can begin by making the choice to be fully conscious and awake to your life.

This article is written and published by Jan Marie Dore, Professional Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Writer, Jan supports executives and professionals to find balance in a busy world and get on the path to living a high quality, more fulfilling life - one that is meaningful, authentic, and a joy to wake up to every day. For free resources and programs on work-life balance and living your best life, visit Jan's website at http://www.janmariedore.com.


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